Poor Photography, Noble Printing

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he cyanotype was discovered in 1842 by the English astronomer, John Herschel. This photographic printing process produces shades ranging from cyan to Prussian blue.

John Herschel cya port

It is to William Herschel, his father that we owe the discovery of the planet Uranus, the cyan planet.

William Herschel & uranus cya port

The paper is coated with a mixture of two products, potassium ferricyanide, and ammonium citrate. These products are not toxic.

 solution a b cya port

This emulsion is applied with a brush away from daylight.

feuille enduite pinceau cya port

Once dried in the dark, the sheet coated with photosensitive product is brought into contact with a silver or digital negative, as it is a contact print, the image obtained will have the same size as the negative.

négatif jet encre chevaux kermouster cya port

Then we place the press frame in the insulator for a few minutes, or under the sunlight.

insoleuse cya port

After exposure to ultraviolet rays, the sheet is immersed in water,

uv exposed parts turn blue

and those that have been masked dissolve.

developpement cya port