Poor Photography, Noble Printing

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My very first camera, loaded with poorly sensitive photo paper ( 10x15 cm ) and therefore required very long exposure times. I stopped up the smole hole with black tape which i removed for the shooting.

petit prod2cmpng24A negative image was obtained on the paper.Then contact printing was required for the final image.


His bigger brother had the same principle but with it i used larger 20x25 cm photo paper.

gros noir3cmpng24I gave up the photo paper for sheet film of 4x5 inches, this had several advantages, the sensitivy of the sheet film could be chosen and therefore the exposure time. Moreover, playing around with the development process allowed the possibility of modifying the image's contrast or density.

sitoparis2cmpng24I also added a shutter from an old camera... No more tape !

obturateur sitoparis

The pinhole

trou loupeblanche

 Old processes like platinum printing are done by contact, so this requires a negative of the same size as the desired image and i had to create a larger sized camera.

20x25 cm camera




The large 20x25 cm negative

20x25 taille nga

The back and the fixing frame of the sheet film



 Another 8 x 10 inches

face stenocamera mesappareils portable

 Very wide angle pinhole, with a beautiful finish in sapele, made in Finistère by Sténocaméra.

stenocamera dos chassis mesappareils portable

The back of the camera with its frame for 8x10'.