Poor Photography, Noble Printing

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Platinum print of Mont Saint Michel on Arches paper from a pinhole photoLe Mont Saint-Michel

the Roches Brunes in Dinan, platinum print on Arches paperLes Roches Brunes

Pointe du Paon on the island of Bréhat, platinum printLa Pointe du Paon-Ile de Bréhat

The pointe of the Grouin, pinhole and platinum printLa Pointe du Grouin

The mill of Birlot on the island of Bréhat, platinum printThe Birlot mill-Ile de Bréhat

At night, the Moon in the clouds, Island of Bréhat, platinum print on Arches paperThe moon-Ile de Bréhat

mont saint michelThe Mont Saint-Michel


la roches brunesLes Roches Brunes-Dinard


la pointe du paonLa Pointe du Paon-Bréhat


la pointe du grouinLa Pointe du Grouin


moulin du birlotBirlot mill


lune bréhatThe moon-Bréhat